Secure Storage.

Trust is a good thing, but QryptoMobile is better.

Mobile employees frequently work with USB sticks. For instance, they are used at work in home offices, on site at the customer, by employees working at multiple computers, as a backup medium for laptops being used on the road, for sharing data between portable devices, or for exchanging data with customers at trade fairs and demonstrations. USB sticks are often connected to PCs or laptops belonging to somebody else. How secure do you think these devices actually are? Correct. As a rule you won’t know, and you have to rely on an unknown device being adequately protected.

Wherever customer account managers and field sales staff need to access the latest product specifications, market analyses, customer master data and other confidential information, use QryptoMobile. This gives you a handy medium for securely carrying personal or confidential data that is always available. You don’t leave any traces surfing the Internet on unfamiliar PCs or disclose information to anybody else. There is no way other people can spy on your data or steal it. Your employees save and send their e-mails in a secure manner without temporarily storing them on somebody else’s PC. In doing so, they have the option of using an advanced signature to conveniently authenticate and encrypt e-mails and documents.