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QryptoMobile as an information and advertising medium.

Are you planning an advertising or image campaign? Are you interested in a new marketing idea? Do you like addressing your customers directly, and do you want to keep on doing so? Do you practice intensive customer loyalty in your enterprise? And all of this without any external costs? QryptoMobile supports your corporate goals - flexibly and at a favourable price.

It works really easily. An information banner always shows your message first to the QryptoMobile user - automatically. This means that you attract his attention every time he works with his stick. Regardless of whether your customer is online or offline.

Design your exclusive info banner and individually adapt it to meet your needs – without any external costs. You decide whether you want to use QryptoMobile to send personalised information or advertisements to your customers or business partners, grant exclusive product discounts, announce new products or updates with early-bird order options, offer exclusive advertising space, publicise your social media accounts, send enterprise-related event bulletins and messages, invite the user to participate in lotteries or competitions, or communicate anything else you think is important.