Data Protection.

Your customers are worth this much data protection.

With QryptoMobile, you make an active contribution to data protection and create awareness - automatically. All the documents on the stick are permanently encrypted, regardless of whether they are in the data safe, being sent by e-mail or stored in the browser as a bookmark.

USB sticks are one of the most popular forms of data storage used in the home and at work. 24 million people regularly use a USB stick in Germany alone. Since USB sticks are small, light and flexible, they will continue to remain a firm part of your customer, employee or member inventories well into the future.

The European Network and Information Security agency has found out that between 80 and 90 percent of all USB sticks remain unencrypted. The key risks associated with using USB sticks are data loss and the lack of backups, data theft and data abuse in conjunction with the absence of control mechanisms and encryption, data manipulation and loss caused by damage and the infection of networks with malware via contaminated sticks. You can prevent all this with QryptoMobile.

Protect your target group with QryptoMobile! Lead the way as a good example and publically demonstrate that you are really concerned about protecting personal data.